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Intelligent searching for a domain
Searching for a good domain name?
You've come to the right place. Good domain names are becoming scarce and it is not so easy to find a good name. Nameseizer helps you to find and register a good domain name.

How to search for a domain name?
In the box at the left you should enter a short term that describes your website. From then on our site does the magic! You immediately receive an overview of which alternative names are still available. If you can't find directly what you're looking for,  you can of course always try again with a different word. And you can also take control yourself by choosing advanced search .

Where do I register my domainname?
Domain names which are still available can be ordered directly at bNamed.net for the price of only 24.50 euros per year (excluding VAT). If you order more names you can get discount.

What with international domain names?
Via this website you can check the availability of only a limited number of extensions.
For other countries you can always take a look at the following locations:

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